Oregon Trail: American Settler
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Resources: Get more playing power!

Animal Bait Attracts little critters to your town. 500   9999999  
Large Bait Attracts bigger critters to your town. 2000   9999999  
Sturdy Rod Increases your chances of catching fish. 9999999   15  
Heavy Ax Get two chops with one swing. 9999999   20  
Great Ax Get three chops with one swing. 9999999   30  
Shotgun Get two hits with every shot. 9999999   25  
Sturdy Boots Slightly increases your speed for 1 day. 9999999   3  
Durable Boots Moderately increases your speed for 3 days. 9999999   8  
Endurance Boots Significantly increases your speed for 7 days. 9999999   15  
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