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Game Help - User Tips

  • Share / Claim
    There are many times you are given the choice to either Share or Claim.

  • Sign Post
    Visit neighbors to collect things or to send them gifts

  • Hearts

  • Morale
    A high or low Morale can effect how much money or food are received when collecting them. Morale is increased with collecting from Crops, Housing, and Businesses. It decreases when to much time passes between doing these tasks.

  • Settlers

  • Mail

  • Package
    Gifts: Collect gifts from neighbors.
    Requests: Gift neighbors with what they have requested.

  • Store

  • Backpack

  • Experience

  • Money

  • Cash

  • Lumber

  • Food

  • Energy

  • Traveling Station
    Traveling requires resources, but you can receive various supplies
    Chests, Boosts, hearts, lumber, various, escape bandits (collect rewards)

  • Sign Post
    Social: Go here to visit neightbors and to collect money, crops, lumber, and food.
    Gift: Send gifts to your neightbors.

  • Boosts

  • Gold Wagon
    Tap to place the dynamite and blow itup to find hidden treasure!

  • Shooting Gallery

  • Character Appearance

  • Photo Gallery

  • Bandstand

  • Land Expansion

  • Hunting

  • Fishing

  • Tornado

  • Flood

  • Forest Fire

  • Bandits

  • Special Offers

  • Request Energy
    When you run out of material (food, energy, lumber) you are given the option to purchase additional or to request the materials from neightbors. Requesting from neightbors does not cost anything but the response is not immediate.

  • Problems adding neighbors and other issues
    If you’re having problems adding Neighbors in game uninstalling and reinstalling is not enough to fix the issue you have to go into the app settings and delete your cache and data then reopen the app and it will download the information again it will go to the tutorial but before the tutorial starts a pop-up will come up and ask if you want to overwrite a saved game you overwrite the saved game then go back in and reconnect your Facebook and you should be all set


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