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  • Kids-In-Mind: Movie Ratings That Actually Work
    We provide parents and other adults with objective and complete information about a film's content so that they can decide, based on their own value system, whether they should watch a movie with or without their kids. We assign 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE & PROFANITY, on a scale of 0 to 10, and we explain in detail why a film rates high or low in a specific category.
  • Beckstrom Buzz
    Selections from the cartoon portfolio of Kevin Beckstrom, artist of Zarahemla Times.
  • Top Ten Reviews
    Objective third-party product reviews to help users make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Early Christian Writings
    It includes detailed, heavily referenced studies of 156 texts recovered from the first two centuries Anno Domini. Each book of the New Testament has an in-depth historical analysis, as does each apocryphal and scholarly text.
  • Server Monitor
    Server monitor on your own system. Lets you set how often to run the test, and the ability to receive a daily report of the status whatever it is.
  • PA Server Monitor
    Monitor ping, CPU, memory, disk space, event logs, services, log files, etc. No config files, scripts or agents. Monitor remote servers just like local servers.
    Network monitoring
  • Broadband Speedtest
    Just how fast is your internet connection?
  • ASP Form Creator
    Using ASP Classic and this open source code you can give site administrators the ability to generate and customize forms online and in real time.
  • Web Directory
    Categorized directory listing - can be used for either online or physical locations.
  • Server Variables
    A quick resource for when I forget some of these variables while designing online applications.
  • ASCII Table
  • HTML Codes - Characters and symbols
  • GMap test

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