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Just the facts:

  • I can be contacted through comments posted on my Blog. I have an email and Facebook account, but I only give that out to people I already know.
  • I enjoy
    • Spending time with my family
    • Being outdoors (though I used to hunt and fish, I rarely do either anymore. I still enjoy camping, hiking and canoeing.)
    • Maintaining my personal web sites (when I have time)
    • Playing chess
    • Genealogy
    • Watching movies
    • Reading Science Fiction and Fantasy books

  • Professionally I am a Technology Support Specialist at The Computer works. The easiest way to describe what I do is to say that TCW is the I.T. department for companies that are to small to justify a full time staff. Or in some cases, to augment the staff where what needs to be done is beyond the abilities of the staff. Personally what I mostly do is:
    • Accounting support (Cougar Mountain Software, QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.)
    • Networking
    • Web based applications
    • Malware removal
    • System Repair
    • Application instruction

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